Journal of Archives in Military Medicine : 2014, Volum 2, Issue 1, February Abstracts XML

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Military Personals Should Be Vaccinated Against Hepatitis B Infection   Editorial
The Value of Exercise Stress Testing for Renal-Cardiac Risk Assessment in Military Personnel: Exploring the Hidden Half!   Review Article
Bone Micro-Fracture Observations From Direct Impact of Slow Velocity Projectiles   Research Article
An Efficient Two-step Selective Synthesis of 7-Methyl-8-nitroquinoline From m-Toluidine as a Key Starting Material in Medicinal Chemistry   Research Article
Recent Epidemiological Profile of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Iranian Military Personnel   Research Article
Relationship Between Productivity and Burnout in Nurses of Military Hospitals in Tehran   Research Article
Mental Health in Spouses of Iraq-Iran War Veterans With PTSD   Research Article
Serum Aminotransferase Alteration Following Altitude Chamber Experience in Military Aircrew   Research Article
Factors Associated With Renal and Urological Complications in Patients Suffering From Spinal Cord Injuries During Subsequent Years of Post-Injury   Letter