The First Jamm Award, 2014

Outstanding Research In Military Medicine Award

“JAMM international” proudly announces an international award for outstanding research in military medicine by the symbolic name of “Simurgh”. JAMM invites nominations for “Simurgh Award” from international research groups on military medicine. The award includes two awards which are selected from published peer-reviewed articles each year.

Award Description

This award recognizes distinguished research article in the field of military medicine and its related domains as clarified in the scope of JAMM. Awardees will have the opportunity to take honored editorial board membership of the journal and an honorarium of $1,000. The editorial board will select one article from published articles in JAMM and another article from peer-reviewed publications elsewhere.

Eligibility Criteria

The article must be methodologically sound and present outstanding findings that help solving major problems in military medicine, provide a high level of evidence for a change in routine clinical practice,  or express an exceptionally novel idea in this field. All types of research papers (original, systematic reviews, brief communication and so on) would be acceptable for nomination. Eligible nominees should have a strong record of peer-reviewed publications on the related disciplines.

Nomination Procedure

1)     A statement of the Award nomination including the category of paper
2)     A narrative description of the particular contribution or collection of contributions prompting the nomination. Regardless, this description should document how the nominated research article has influenced the field of military medicine and/or related fields as well as any direct population health impact.
3)     A copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae (as PDF files) should be submitted with the nomination letter.
For 2014 award, nomination includes all published research articles in peer-reviewed journals (including e-Journals), in particular JAMM international. The deadline for receipt of nominations is October 30, 2014.
Please submit letters of nomination and candidate CVs as PDF attachments in an email to:

[email protected]

Advantages of submitting your research to JAMM:
Rapid peer review, Open access options, Free charge submission, Outstanding editorial board and reputation of journal, Dedicated author support team, and finally specifying DOI for each published article that increases number of citation for each journal.

Dr Ali Reza Khoshdel
Editor in chief
JAMM international